THE HARRY ENSEMBLE is a choir that convenes to perform and promote British Choral Music, in the UK and abroad.

It is not an average choir, in that it meets just once a month to rehearse - and usually rehearses for specific projects. Projects may include recording for television and radio, performances at conventions or meetings, festival appearances or promotional activities for emerging choral composers in the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.

THE HARRY ENSEMBLE aims to maintain high standards of choral performance and its members are drawn from choral societies and singing groups from across Britain. Although not totally professional, its performance standards are consistently high.



Its members are keen singers who have had previous choral experience and who strive to perform to the best standards possible.

The ensemble exists to be used to promote brand new music from todays choral composers, as well as revisiting obscure or long forgotten music of well established British composers.

THE HARRY ENSEMBLE is artistically led by Edward-Rhys Harry.

 Photo by John Downing